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Bear Taxidermy is one of our specialties
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Moose Head Mount
Our Featured item is a Moose Mount
Taxidermy Services & Mounts
Based in Auburn, Indiana, we provide Taxidermy services to sportsmen across the United States. As expert taxidermists, we can work on almost any type of project, including the following head, shoulder and full body mounts:
- Black & Brown Bear Mounts
- Bear, Wolf & Coyote Rugs
- Moose Mounts
- Deer Head Mounts
- Game Head Mounts
- Big Horn Sheep Mounts
- Wolf & Wolverine Mounts
- Exotic Game
- Buffalo Head Mounts
- Duck, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey & Grouse Mounts
- Lynx, Bobcat & Cougar Mounts
- Raccoon & Badger Mounts
- Fox & Wild Boar Mounts
- Pike, Bass, Walleye & Blue Gill Fish Mounts
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American Outdoor Life Taxidermy LLC for sale is second to none. We love the process of creating and designing unique taxidermy trophies … from game heads and life size mounts, bear rugs to wolf rugs, and moose mounts to bear mounts. With over 200 mounts in stock and ready to ship, you will find some unique mounts online at American Outdoor Life Taxidermy LLC. Small game heads to large game heads, mammals to game birds, to even life size mounts and rugs. These are perfect additions to any game hunters collection.

All of them look great on walls, much like portraits of the wild capturing that one moment of animals in nature (we sometimes offer beautiful pictures as well). We take pride in keeping these animals in high quality condition, making sure you are satisfied after every purchase. Our promise of satisfaction starts with guaranteeing speedy shipment, but more importantly taxidermy work that will stand the test of time. After all, this is supposed to stay in your family for generations, and game head trophies and all our other works do!

So why buy from American Outdoor Life Taxidermy LLC? Look over our selection … and you’ll notice immediately the great variety of hard to find game mounts and especially life size mounts. These animals come from many places, North American moose to the smallest game birds like the quail. However, what you see is only part of what we offer. Have something you can’t find? A rare mammal perhaps or a large game head you desperately need to complete a room or trophy collection? While we offer several hundred taxidermy works, we can find you far more unique animals, in just the condition you want them. For Special orders: Please call 260-927-9716 to get an approximate turnaround time. 

It’s not a huge operation, which is why we put a little personality into all of our services. There are many other taxidermy services, but in terms of speed, selection, and quality, we are second to none. Not even the biggest taxidermy services offer as competitive rates with a personal touch. It’s a job we love to do perfectly. However, many don’t know exactly how this service works. They kill the animal and plan on sending it out, but damage it and make the whole process either costly or impossible. Get with the right taxidermy service, American Outdoor Life Taxidermy LLC, and you will have few problems, if any. We can assist you on keeping this animal in good condition right after the kill.

Take a look at our catalog of bear taxidermy and other products. If you have any questions please call us @ 260-927-9716, we are here to help. Go to the source for the experienced taxidermy work. Go with American Outdoor Life Taxidermy LLC.

We strive to Make our Taxidermy work second to none. Over 200 mounts in stock and ready to ship. For more information about taxidermy for sale, take a look at our On-line store or visit us in Auburn, Indiana at 4354 CR 60.

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