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We at American Outdoor Life Taxidermy, LLC have a wide range of quality taxidermy for sale. We would love to hear from you and help you find a wonderful piece for your collection. Here are a few of the products we have available to you.
Taxidermy - Moose Mounts, Deer Mounts, Bear Mounts and Wolf Mounts
It is really fairly easy to explain. Good taxidermy is when you make the animal look so good that you think it is still breathing. The eyes are correctly focused. The hair has a shiny, silky feel to it. The whiskers are not out of place. The nose is just a little shiny like it is still cold and wet. On birds, the feathers should be shiny and not out of place.

Warning to all! Please, if you are intending on making a trophy out of an animal, pick out a taxidermist before you ever go hunting. Call them and ask what methods they use and they will give you the proper instructions to follow when preparing your animal in the field. I have seen more trophies ruined by the hunter because they did not know how to properly care for the animal in the field when it was first harvested.

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